Commission Artwork

Do you have an idea? Grace can work with you to achieve a custom glass masterpiece.

From functional plates & platters to sculptural glass artwork.

Fused & Slumped Glass

Warm glass is a technique where cut glass is arranged and layered and while cold placed in a kiln which is then fired to melt and form a new shape, different colours and textures can be achieved by a variety of techniques.

Hot & Cold Mosaics

Grace has taken mosaics to another level.  Mosaics are designs or pictures created by embedding small pieces of glass, stone, terracotta etc. into a bed of fixative. Combining timeless old & new techniques and giving it a modern twist, with the advantage of kiln formed glass.  You won’t look at mosaics the same again.

I use new and recycled glass to make  wonderful unique products.

Customised designs for private homes & business. We will collaborate with clients & interior designers to create an individual masterpiece.

Looking for a gift for someone who has just about everything, take a look in the commission art photo gallery, it will have something to suit all budgets.

Similar or new works are made available by commission.

Designs and sizes can be varied to suit personal taste.

Please contact the studio to discuss your ideas.